Star Trek Adventures - Starter Set – EN – RPG

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Star Trek Adventures takes you to the final frontier of the Galaxy, with everything you need to begin playing the tabletop roleplaying game in one introductory boxed set. The starter set contains: Starter Rules booklet: Giving you an overview of the 2d20 system. A Three-Mission Campaign Booklet: That guides you through the game mechanics as you play. 6 Pre-Generated. Character Sheets: Including 5 Starfleet officers and 1 Galaxy-class vessel. Dice: 2 twenty-sided dice (d20s) an 4 custom six-sided dice (d6s). Tokens: Tokens for Momentum, Threat and characters. Poster Maps: For locations in the campaign.

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109,00 lei

Varsta De la 14 ani, De la 15 ani, De la 16 ani, Potrivit si pentru adulti
Numar de jucatori minim 3
Numar de jucatori maxim 6
Abilitati Dezvoltate Lucru in echipa, Exprimare verbala/non-verbala, Imaginatie, Negociere, Planificare, Strategie, Memorie, Deductie
Categorii de Jocuri Jocuri tip RPG
Limba regulament Engleza
Dependent lingvistic Da
Tip joc Joc de baza
Tematica SF
Complexitate Medie
Mecanica Role Playing
Durata Jocului Minim (minute) 60
Durata Jocului Maxim (minute) 240